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buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari
buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari

Buenos Aires · Tango.
Buenos Aires generates tango, thanks to Buenos Aires scenery. Tango recreates Buenos Aires every day. Buenos Aires with its strange identity, difficult to understand and deny: "the Buenos Aires people identity", a mixture and derivation of tango.
Probably, tango had been a hideous fertilization, something in between pampa and city, criollos* and inmigrants. Such a mixture gave rise to a dance, a piece of music, a way to move around in the world. The so called Tango was born in Buenos Aires, in the Piver Plate.
A human scenery: the Buenos Aires people, the Riverplates, the Argentines. A piece of music, a dance, a poetry, a way of living. A place, a city scenery that lulls to sleep and finds them. Buenos Aires and the Tango.

buenos aires tango - lidia ferrari
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